About Me

Hello everyone, I’m Petty Officer 2nd Class Glenn Slaughter, and I’m a U.S. Navy Mass Communication Specialist. For the past six years, I’ve told the amazing stories of our men and women in the armed forces. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media & Film and graduated from the Defense Information School’s advanced Video Documentation and Production ‘C’ School. I also graduated from Syracuse University’s Military Motion Media program. I’m currently enrolled in Full Sail University’s New Media Journalism master’s degree program.

Pet Rescue 1

Why this job? I’m not really a gung-ho military person. I did enlist to serve my country, but I also did it for the job security. It can be tough to find steady, reliable work as a journalist or writer/photographer/videographer. I enlisted at age 32, and let me tell you, signing a six-year contract was like a warm blanket wrapped around me. It’s been a great ride, and I’ve grown to love the sense of community within our ranks.
Why did I make this site? I usually only work with the Navy but right now I’m at a command where I interact with every branch. This gives me the opportunity to see how the Army, Air Force and Marines operate in the public affairs field. There might even be a Coast Guard guy running around somewhere…no one knows what he does.

If you’re interested in a job like mine,
I am your new best friend.

I’m not a recruiter. You won’t find any sales pitches on this website. This is good news for you because I can afford to be much more open about the MC rating. I love my job, but it is definitely not for everyone, and I have no problem telling you why.
I know the fear. The terror was real when I enlisted. I didn’t understand the jargon, the rules or the customs. I saluted the wrong person at least 10 times. This is good news for you because I remember what it’s like to be a noob. I speak plainly and include links to new phrases and concepts. I know how hard it is to find good gouge on our field.
I love what I do. For me, there’s no better job than to tell people’s stories. I still feel a rush when I capture that human moment on camera. And the reaction when my clients see the story I do on them? Nothing like it…

“Weapons take lives…the camera grants immortality.”
-MC2 Glenn Slaughter

I’m here for YOU! Seriously, hit me up with any questions or feedback on what I cover or what you’d like to see covered. I can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.