Constellation Energy breathes new life for homeless animals

A kitten waits to be adopted at the MD SPCA. Photo by Glenn Slaughter.

As a two-year volunteer for the Maryland SPCA, I’ve learned that the job is at once gratifying and heartbreaking. On any given day, dozens of dogs and cats are there, waiting for someone to take them home. It’s a superbly-run facility, but the non-profit relies on the generosity of businesses like Constellation Energy to survive.

That generosity takes the form of manpower and money. According to Rae Borsetti, volunteer manager at the MD SPCA, Constellation volunteers are unrivaled in their dedication.

5-27 Constellation
Constellation’s monthly volunteer teams have become a cornerstone at the MD SPCA. Photo by Rae Borsetti.

“Constellation is awesome, because they come every month,” Borsetti said. “There’s a lot of companies that have these annual volunteer days. Having people come here consistently is nice because they build skills that we can rely on.”

Constellation is serious about giving back to the community, and even makes contributions to organizations based on how many hours its people volunteer there. Another powerful gift comes in the form of grants, and they just gave the MD SPCA $7,000 for use as it sees fit.

“Most of our contributions come through individuals, but we have a lot of events that really depend on corporate sponsorship,” Borsetti said. “Grants like the one we just received from Constellation really allow us to move forward with big projects that need to get done.”

The Maryland SPCA adopts over 3000 animals a year. Photo by Glenn Slaughter.

I realize you probably have a neutral feeling about energy companies, at best. Big organizations don’t exactly give us warm fuzzies, but I’ve been impressed with Constellation’s level of commitment to the community.

Take a minute and see what Constellation is all about. You might be as impressed as I am.

You have a choice in energy suppliers, but by joining Constellation’s family, you’ll be helping them continue to save the lives of innocent animals.

See how your rates compare here!

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