Navy public affairs students hold Pasta Prom

Three words inspire dread in every junior enlisted service member: Death by PowerPoint. That program is used to educate Sailors on many topics, and alcohol abuse prevention is a hot one. On Fort Meade, Navy Mass Communication Specialists (MC) turned a boring command message into actual fun.

The idea was really simple. First, decorate the student detachment, or barracks. Then get everyone to break out their suits and dresses, cook a bunch of food, and dance. This is a creative group so  a catchy name was guaranteed. Lo and behold, the Pasta Prom was conceived.

Seaman Apprentice (SA) Sean Frank is an event coordinator for the Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions, or CSADD. It’s a Navy-wide program and its goal is to give students alternatives to alcohol. She organized the event, and said it was important to take time to unplug from the military, and their lessons at the Defense Information School.

“We work hard as students, and spend a lot of time together,” Frank said. “We’re like a family, so it’s nice sometimes to get out of the uniform and just hang out.”

The students will test their organizational skills when they host senior members of the MC community on June 30, for an MC 10-year anniversary celebration.

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