Navy public affairs students host 10th Anniversary celebration

One month in, and it’s already been a busy summer for the Navy MC students on Fort Meade. They’ve been churning out successful events like the Pasta Prom, but a major milestone gave them a chance to shine even brighter.

In 2006, the Mass Communication Specialist rating was born. This was a huge deal because it combined four jobs into one, meaning a former Photographer’s Mate now had to learn to write stories, for example. The youngest batch of MCs just had the honor of hosting the community’s  10-year anniversary after-party.

The barbecue was held at the student barracks, and saw influential storytellers arrive from around the world. It was a day for mingling old school with the new. Seaman Apprentice Ian Kinkead was a bit shell shocked to see such heavy hitters.

“When I was in boot camp, I thought I’d never see a master chief walking around,” he said. “I figured if I did, it would be because I was in serious trouble.”

He’s the president of the local chapter of CSADD, or Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions. His group is absolutely killing it this year. With assistance from the Petty Officers Association, they held various fundraisers to finance the BBQ.

If the students’ performance is a sign of what’s to come, the fleet should expect great things from their newest Mass Communication Specialists.

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