Navy Petty Officer Tim Haake works and lives through art

Most people in the building have never met him. During the year he’s worked here, Petty officer Tim Haake has beaten a simple path into and out of Defense Media Activity. His work is conducted primarily alone, but it’s a style of flow that he’s been comfortable with since high school.

As a Mass Communication Specialist (MC), Haake is trained to perform a number of functions. Anyone in this rate can be called on to work as a writer, photographer, videographer or graphic designer. Like many MCs though, Haake specializes in what he’s good at: graphic design. While others chat about the latest TV show gossip, he works alone in his editing suite, churning out graphics for the Pentagon.

Haake accepts the good and the bad about his job.

“My editing suite is my Fortress of Solitude.”

“I feel very lucky to have a private space of my own because a lot of people here only have cubicles,” he said. “The pace of the job is what wears me down sometimes. It’s almost constant work, all day long. I love what I do though, so I’m happy.”

Haake in office
FORT MEADE, Md. (May 4, 2016) Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Tim Haake shows off his newly-designed logo for Department of Defense News. Haake is a graphic design specialist at Defense Media Activity. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Glenn Slaughter)

The privacy his editing suite affords him lines up with Haake’s personality and he can connect deeply to his work. This peace through art continues into his home, where he sculpts clay figures.

Sitting on his couch, putting the finishing touches on a small octopus, Haake talked about his history with visual art.

“I think I’ve always been kind of a worrier, kind of high strung sometimes,” he said. “I had a hard time making friends in high school. Lunch time was rough for me, so I spent that time in the art room instead.”

Surrounded by his wife and their friends, Haake seemed content, those lonely high school days long past.

“When I work on these projects, my mind is quiet. There’s only good things happening when I’m creating.”


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  1. Interesting article. I found myself in the same similar path. Except, I have taken a lot of detours to eventually/hopefully be an MC in the near future. I’m hoping my background in the Arts can be a contributions to the Navy while serving as a reservist. Well, I’m hoping to get the opportunity to meet MC2 Haake to hear about is experiences. Thanks for the great insightful article about one of our fellow shipmates.

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